Casa de La Flora comprises 36 contemporary slate-grey cube villas which come in eightcategories and are designed to allow guests to experience the environment from inside out, with large glass facades that widen the perspective when looking out to Cerulean Ocean. All villas offer a range of modern comforrts for design and luxury lovers, complemented byunrivaled service. To guarantee greatest comfort, only king-size bed is provided in every villa.

La aranya

This lovely restaurant by the beach offers the pleasant and relaxing ambience of the serene beach. Our experienced chef presents an international menu with a Thai twist, using only premium and fresh ingredients, refined techniques and served with a healthy dose of Thai hospitality. This is where you can savor every mouthful while relishing a tropical breeze carried on the ocean.

Spa la casa

Very few spa journeys can equal what guests are likely to experience at Spa La Casa , where comprises four treatment rooms. Here exotic and indigenous herbs, gathered from the four corners of the orient, are delicately.


Immerse yourself in the crystal-clear waters, offering a serene environment for a swim amidst nature. Enjoy the spectacle of a magnificent sunset as you indulge in a revitalizing and clean aquatic experience. At Casa de La Flora, we are committed to providing our guests with not only luxury but also a health-conscious and eco-friendly stay.

Library and business center

If you love reading, you will love this cozy and lovely library, where you can spend all day enjoying good readings from around the world.Whether you love novels, art, or books about business, we have them all here.

Fitness Center

Enhance your leisurely getaway with our newly relocated fitness center, offering a broad range of equipment and a scenic view for a rejuvenating exercise experience.


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